The Science of Sea Salt

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In the current book, the editor and authors have called attention to the science of sea salt. With key
sections of the book covering basic human biology, ocean frontiers, sea salt discovery, sea salt in
medicine, including oral biology, sea salt in food science, body modifications and innovations,
including new inventions in the field of sea salt product developments.



Natural products from the ocean have been used since ancient times for the treatment of various ailments. As new medical discoveries enhance biotechnological innovations, significant attention is focused on the ocean’s natural resources, because the marine ecological setting is a unique storehouse of novel bioactive natural compounds.

In this book, the editor and authors have explored the science of sea salt focusing on basic learning and clinical guidelines in an effort to further collect data that may lead to new developments. In doing so they present extraordinary information and help the reader to understand the resourcefulness of the ocean and sea salt in particular.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did bring it to life.

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